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Driving innovation and growth in finance

walnut venture studios is a corporate venture builder focusing on revolutionizing the financial sector through innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.
We partner with established financial institutions, fintech companies, and forward-thinking organizations to create disruptive ventures that shape the future of finance. Our offices are located in Bregenz, Austria and Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
Whether you are a financial institution looking to innovate or a fintech start-up with a ground-breaking idea, walnut venture studios is your trusted partner in building ventures that disrupt the financial sector, drive growth, and transform the way finance works.
Contact us today to explore how we can collaborate and unlock the full potential of your business. Together, let’s shape the future of finance.

Join us in shaping the future of finance

Who we are?

Our vision

We envision a financial landscape that embraces digital transformation, fosters financial inclusion, and delivers cutting-edge solutions to businesses and customers alike. By combining the expertise and resources of established financial institutions with the agility and innovation of start-ups, we aim to drive meaningful change and empower the finance industry for the digital age.

What sets us apart

Deep financial expertise

With a team of seasoned professionals who possess extensive experience in the financial sector, we understand the complexities and challenges of the industry. Our deep domain knowledge allows us to identify opportunities and create ventures that address key pain points and emerging trends.


We harness the power of technology and emerging trends such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to develop innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, security, and customer experience in finance. Our ventures leverage cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

Collaborative ecosystems

We have built a robust network of financial institutions, fintech start-ups, regulatory bodies, and industry experts. This ecosystem fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and access to a wide range of resources, providing our ventures with a competitive edge.

Regulatory compliance

We prioritize regulatory compliance and work closely with regulatory authorities to ensure that our ventures operate within the legal frameworks of the financial industry. Our in-depth understanding of compliance requirements enables us to build ventures that are both innovative and compliant.



Venture ideation and validation

We collaborate with our financial partners to identify areas for disruption, explore new business models, and validate the feasibility of potential ventures. Through market research, customer insights, and financial analysis, we ensure that our ventures have a strong foundation for success.


Venture building and development

We transform validated concepts into scalable ventures, handling all aspects of product development, technology integration, compliance, and go-to-market strategy. Our experienced team ensures that the ventures are designed to meet the evolving needs of the financial industry.


Venture growth and scaling

We provide ongoing support to accelerate the growth of our ventures. Leveraging our network, industry expertise, and access to capital, we help our ventures navigate challenges, expand their customer base, and achieve sustainable growth in the competitive financial sector.

Our services in detail

  • Fast designing, building and scaling of disruptive and innovative business models (eg neo bank projects)
  • Advising financial institutions on digital transformation strategies
  • Building digital banking platforms

About us

At walnut venture studios, we believe in reshaping the financial landscape by embracing cutting-edge technologies, driving digital transformation, and fostering entrepreneurial spirit. With our deep industry expertise and forward-thinking approach, we are at the forefront of revolutionizing finance for the digital age.

Julian Verocai

CEO & Founder

Expertise: Venture Building, Financial Sector Expert, Technology and Regulation

Julian’s passion for entrepreneurship and his keen eye for market opportunities have allowed him to forge strategic partnerships, creating synergies between traditional financial institutions and agile fintech start-ups.
He has professional experience in working for large international banking groups and possesses deep regulatory and monetary policy know-how, which he gained from his experience at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt. Julian has consulted for many years international banks and Fintechs on various innovation projects (ESG platforms, neo bank projects, core-banking system integration and many more). He is passionate about bringing ideas, technology and people together to deliver exceptional customer and investor value.

Dejan Morawietz

CTO and Technology Expert

Expertise: IT Design, Architecture and Development

As an expert in IT development, IT infrastructure and system architecture, Dejan works passionately on designing and implementing tailored solutions for our digital needs. With a keen eye for efficiency and quality, he drives the development of user-friendly and reliable applications. His skills span from front-end to back-end development, always mindful of integrating innovative technologies to achieve optimal results. Through his dedicated work, he contributes to keeping our digital presence up to date and meeting the ever-changing demands of the technology landscape.
Dejan is the founder of Coinfluence – a digital web 3 agency. He is also a community manager in Austria of one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges (Binance). Dejan is a certified IT expert and has great passion for blockchain, crypto and web 3 technology.

Marko Kalabota


Expertise: Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking & Marketplaces
As a seasoned digital marketing expert, Marko brings a wealth of strategic insight and creativity to the table. With a deep understanding of market dynamics and consumer behavior, Marko specializes in developing and executing result-driven marketing campaigns. From crafting compelling narratives to leveraging data-driven analytics, Marko’s approach is to create impactful strategies that resonate with target audiences. Marko thrives in optimizing brand visibility and engagement through a mix of digital and traditional channels, staying at the forefront of industry trends.
Previously Marko worked as a senior consultant at TOWA, where he gained significant experience in marketing strategies. Marko is also the founder of empolo – a digital agency.


We design, test and build ventures

We work in a lean startup environment and use agile/ scrum.

Research, Ideation & Design

Generate hypothesis Strategic foresight

Initial Testing & Feasibility Study

Create a prototype Test & iterate prototype under real market conditions Test hypothesis from ideation phase

Minimum Viable Product Preparation

Develop and launch MVP (product and software development) Prepare technology roadmap and integrate into client infrastructure Search for partnerships Customer & market feedback

Roll-Out & Scaling

Develop digital marketing strategy Implement growth hacking approach Scale to new markets Search for growth opportunities

Ideation phase

Proof of concept & testing phase

MVP on the market



Hi there! We are glad you found us! We are looking for brilliant minds who want to support founders & corporate innovation heads from idea to scale.

Are you passionate about building new ventures, new business models, products and leaving your mark on the industry? At walnut venture studios you will find a like-minded team of highly motivated entrepreneurs.

Please send us your CV with a short intro e-mail to office@walnut-vs.com.

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